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“The LifeLiner” – 25 Litre Bucket Liner


“The LifeLiner” - 25 Litre Bucket Liner


Carefully designed and manufactured, this 6mm thick liner has been designed to prolong the life of a standard 25L plasterers bucket and to aid with a multitude of tasks.


✅ Reduced Cleaning Time

✅ Reduced Water Usage & Waste

✅ Time Saving (no cleaning – saves money!)

✅ Money Saving (less buckets!)

✅ Flexible

✅ Reusable

✅ Durable


This liner does not need to be cleaned in the same way a bucket would; simply scrape all left over adhesive/plaster to the bottom of the liner and allow to set and wipe down the internal walls with a sponge. Once set, this liner can then be turned upside down and compressed to allow the waste to simply be removed. We recommend that you then sponge down the liner to remove any left over residue.


This liner does not require any water or maintenance aside from a thorough scrape to the bottom at the end of a working day and a simple wipe down to reduce residue. You do not need to carry cold water on cold days or take buckets outside to be cleaned in inclement weather.


At 6mm thick, the liner is designed to withstand day to day wear from a paddle mixer for example and usual mixing tools.

PLEASE NOTE – Care should be taken when removing waste from the bottom of the liner and heavy objects such as a hammer should never be used to knock out the waste as there is a significant risk of puncturing the liner. NEVER use a utility knife near the liner for obvious reasons.

To prolong its life and elasticity, the item should not be stored in direct sunlight for any length of time.


Supplied with a COMPLIMENTARY “LifeLiner” 25 Litre bucket!!

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